This was a GE sponsored project through GrabCad to envision how 3D printing would influence the future of structural design. The task was to redesign an existing jet engine service bracket. The redesign had to have the lowest weight possible while still meeting the supplied static loading criteria and fitting within the bounding box of the original part.

The final design utilized a structural micro lattice within the arms to minimize printing mass of the finished part.

Finalized lattice microstructure design, contact points for bolts and pin were left solid for durability.

Simulation results on the solid version of the design.

The lattice design was so geometrically complicated that it was impossible to run any sort of physical loading simulation on the part. A solid “stand in” model was used to get a best guess as to how stress would flow through the object.

Single lattice node block. These were duplicated around the model and a boolean operation was performed to end up with the formed lattice in the arms.