Pedalers Fork was a pretty amazing design challenge of creating an establishment that combined a traditional bar/restaurant with a coffee and bike shop.

Much of the inspiration for the furnishing was taken from the late 19th century US westward expansion period. This was a very interesting time history where you would find scavenged contemporary European furniture that was being shipped into the small towns that were popping up mixed with utilitarian pieces that were being created as needed from local craftsman. The goal was to create a coherent line of furniture that combined this mix of refinement and practicality from that unique time in history.

Town council approval was approached with a series of Photoshop renderings of the exterior. These were generated from Sketchup models and composited with existing site photos.

The main bar chair evolved from a series of sketches with light Photoshop work. The initial design was found to be a little too modern for the space and eventually evolved into wood seat with brass detailing.

The armchair design was almost completely resolved in early sketch work with the proportions and final detailing being worked out in a series of 3D models.

The low stool was also pretty well resolved from sketches. The bike helmet/purse hook underneath the seat was altered to make it a little bit more visible and proportions were worked out in 3D.

The split table was designed to appear to pass through the main window behind the bar providing both indoor and outdoor seating. The legs took a lot of work to get dialed in right but I really like the cast iron base and wood proportions.

The center leg table took some of the most development work out of any of the pieces. Getting the iron rod stock base to be stable was a real design challenge and I eventually had to run some advanced engineering simulations to find the right layout.

The banquettes also went through a pretty heavy evolution from the initial concept. The original idea of large sideboards wrapped in fabric ended up looking to ungainly and were eventually reduced in size and made with exposed wood.

The butcher block table was another design that stayed consistent through development except with the addition of a brass cable tensioner that binds the legs together. (One of my favorite details :)

The ladder back chair was made with an exaggerated back to add a unique look to the center dining area. This is one of those designs that looks really simple but has some nice subtle detailing in the seat contours and inlayed brass..

Drip coffee stand.

Whole series of built in and millwork pieces!

Because of the versatile nature of the space at Pedalers Fork in having to act as a restaurant, bar, coffee shop and bike shop a whole series of 3D models were developed for space planning and figuring out how all the furniture would fit in.

The hanging bike racks in back also had to be a custom design to best integrate into the space.